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Central Administration

Dr. Maria L. Rianna – Superintendent
Dr. Michael Israel – Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum, Instruction & Technology

District Plan


District Committee Members:

  • Nelson Iocolano, President, GCEAA and Principal, Middle School
  • Melanie Arfman, Principal, Deasy School
  • Lawrence Carroll, Assistant Principal, Middle School
  • Antonio Santana, Principal, Glen Cove High School
  • Betsy Lashin, Asst. Director of Special Education
  • Alison Fletcher, President, GCTA
  • Rhonda Tulip, Teacher, High School
  • Amy Gallo, Teacher, Gribbin School
  • Cheryl Carmody, Teacher Connolly School
  • Nicole Callahan, Co-President, PTA Council
  • Joanne Yee, Co-President, PTA Council
  • Andrew Bennett, Parent
  • Roni Jenkins, Parent
  • Anne Markoulis, Parent
  • Michelle Rottino, Parent
  • Maria Venuto, Parent






Monday, June 21, 2021