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COVID Healthcare Requirements for Students - An Update from the Superintendent

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COVID Healthcare Requirements for Students

COVID Healthcare Requirements for Students - Spanish

There is NO test-out from quarantine option, regardless of vaccination status for:


Covid-Confirmed - Received a positive COVID-19 test
Covid-Exposed - Identified as a contact of an individual who tested positive for  COVID-19

Persons who are NOT Covid-Confirmed and/or who are NOT Covid-Exposed but who are experiencing Covid “suspect” symptoms should NOT return to school in under the min-10 day protocol from symptom-onset until all below criteria is met: 


Documented & Dated PCR Negative test results

Symptoms improved
Fever-free for at least 24 hours (without fever reducing meds)
Person has NOT experienced the Covid discriminate sudden symptom of Loss or Altered sense of Taste or Smell within the recent 14 day period.