Welcome Back Students!

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Glen Cove School District Welcomes Students Back for Start of 2020-21 School Year

The Glen Cove City School District (GCCSD) officially welcomed its students back for the 2020-21 school year, both in-person and virtually, on Monday, September 14 at the District’s four elementary schools, R.M. Finley Middle School and Glen Cove High School. At the elementary level, students in Group A attended in-person classes on Monday and Tuesday (9/14 and 9/15), while students in Group B had their first in-person classes on Thursday and Friday (9/17 and 9/18). On Wednesday, all elementary students learned remotely.

At the middle school and high school levels, students are divided into three groups to remain in compliance with social distancing and other health guidelines. Students in Group AB (HS) or Green (MS) had their first in-person classes on Monday and Tuesday. Group CD (HS) or Red (MS) students were welcomed back for their first in-person school days on Wednesday and Thursday. Students assigned to Group EF (HS) or Orange (MS) were in school Friday for their first in-person classes and will return on Monday, September 21 for their second in-person day. For each grouping, the schedule will be two day in school followed by four remote learning days.

While nervousness may have abounded in the days and hours leading up to the arrival of buses and parents dropping off children on Monday, it was soon transformed into excitement and huge smiles that could be ‘felt’ even under all the masked faces as students and teachers embraced the moment to reacquaint. While hand shaking may be a tradition of the past for now, fist and elbow bumps could be seen …and heard…across the District’s six school campuses. There was no doubt that staff and students were so happy to be united once again!

Adhering to strict District protocols, students, teachers and staff arriving at each school building had their temperature taken prior to entering the building for the day. After receiving approval to proceed, teachers and students headed to their classrooms that, for this school year, are marked by desks with desk shields and socially distanced positioning.

Greeting students at the high school, middle school and at Deasy Elementary School was Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Maria Rianna. “The time and considerations we put into preparing for our reopening were evident in the successful first days had at each of our schools. Although this year is so different than any in our history, opening days always have some bumps and adjustments that need to be made. What was most gratifying, apart from the absolute joy and exhilaration in welcoming our students back into our classrooms after a very long and trying six months, was how well it did go at all our schools. Students and staff were respectful of the social distancing and mask wearing requirements. Our virtual learning platform performed as expected; and for the most part, the focus was not on what was different this year, but rather on the unique, new learning experiences the year will bring to our students.”

For more information about the Glen Cove City School District, please visit the District's website at glencoveschools.org and 'like' our Facebook page.