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Family STREAM Night

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Students and their families from Deasy, Gribbin, Connolly and Landing elementary schools recently participated in Family STREAM Night at Glen Cove High School. 

The evening, led by administrators, faculty and student volunteers from Finley Middle School and Glen Cove High School, allowed those in attendance to experience an evening of engaging activities including creating rubber band robots, hoverboards and robotic drawing machines called Doodle-bots. The event also featured a STREAM playground which was open to all attending the event. 

Instructional technology coordinator Justin Lander and STREAM teachers Kenneth Altamirano, Cheryl Carmody, Jessica McKenna and Giselle Taylor organized the event which connected students to the lessons they learned during their STREAM classes. 

The STREAM program at the Glen Cove elementary schools promotes critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork while aligning with the Next Generation Science Standards, 21st Century Skills and the Common Core Learning Standards.