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‘What Lifts You’ at Landing?

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Landing School teachers Monica Altamirano, Jean Bennardo, Margaret Clark and Melissa Harechmak recently approached interim building principal Alexa Doeschner with an idea for a community building art installation to be displayed at Open School Night.  

The group learned of artist Kelsey Montague, who began a campaign of painting murals of wings around the world, and attaching the prompt “What Lifts You?” to the art work. People enjoy taking pictures in front of these murals, reflecting on what lifts them and tagging themselves to the hashtag #WhatLiftsYou.  
For Landing’s own version of this uplifting campaign, art teacher Jean Bennardo drew an outline of the wings and templates of feathers that were given to students and staff. Ms. Doeschner then asked all students and staff to answer the question “What Lifts You?” in one or two words. The feathers came in on the same day as Open School Night, and Ms. Altamirano, Ms. Bennardo and Ms. Harechmak worked with student-volunteers to paste each feather onto the wings. Student and staff responses included “family,” “sports,” “pets,” “my teacher,” “God” and “all of you.” The result is a display of overwhelming positivity and community, and serves as a visual reminder of what lifts Landing.