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Field Day Awards at Landing

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Landing School’s Field Day was held on May 22. During the event, this year’s New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Excellence in Physical Education awards were given to NaSean Barnes and Siena Scagliola. Exceptional-fitness physical education trophies were given to students Sarah Ayiku, Ziyauni Chandler, Kalia Edwards, Arden Jimenez, Marco Johnson, Joseph Leftwich, Kasey Miller, Miguel Rivera Flores, Jordan Robinson, Sebastian Sadowski, Rose Tursi and Leybis Villatoro. Joshua Kunzel and Mia Lupinksi were awarded the Courage Trophy, which is given to a student who demonstrates superior courage throughout the school year. In addition, Jr. NBA winners were celebrated, as was Kalia Edwards, who raised $1,200 – the most money in school history – during the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser.

Fitness plays a big role in the physical education program at Landing School. Students try to improve their fitness levels by participating in various activities throughout the academic school year. Students take baseline and summative fitness tests to document individual improvements. A number of students achieved 80 sit-ups on both their prefitness and postfitness tests for curl-ups. That is an incredible achievement. Congratulations to those students and to all those who achieved 80 curl-ups!