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Gribbin Students Get Creative on Global Design Day

Gribbin Students Get Creative on Global Design Day  thumbnail118981
Gribbin School kindergartners in Mr. John Segreti’s class and students in Ms. Jessica Totino’s class enthusiastically participated in Global Day of Design on May 6.

Mr. Segreti’s class designed a classroom bowling alley, “Segreti’s Lanes.” Everything including the pins, backboard and the ball were constructed from recyclable materials. Ms. Totino’s class chose a different approach to the day. Students mapped out original designs on paper and used recycled materials or objects they required from the “Maker Box” to construct them. Students brainstormed ideas independently and created their masterpieces, which consisted of robots, houses, animals, cars and more.

The students had been learning about the need to save and protect the Earth since April. This project reinforced the idea that if everyone recycles a little bit, it can make a difference and the result will be a better future for everyone.