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A Night of Celebration

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Academic achievements of students and the bravery of a teacher were recognized at the most recent Board meeting. 

The evening began with Finley Middle School Principal Nelson Iocolano honoring teacher Susan Lordi-Linden. Ms. Lordi-Linden recently performed the Heimlich maneuver on a student who was choking on a meatball. This is the second time in three years Ms. Lori-Linden has jumped into action to assist a student who was choking. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna thanked Ms. Lordi-Linden on behalf of the Board, “I’m glad you’re here and we appreciate what you do on a daily basis, especially when you go above and beyond,” she said.

District students who excelled on the May 2018 Advanced Placement exams were also honored at the meeting. In all, the College Board recognized 48 students for their outstanding academic achievement. The recognition portion of the meeting concluded with Finley Middle School students who participated in the annual YMCA New York State Youth and Government program sharing their experiences from the trip. As part of the program, the seventh- and eighth-graders took over the Assembly and Senate chambers for a day to discuss their ideas. In addition, they wrote bills and attempted to make them law by acting as representatives and senators in the statehouse chambers.