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National Manufacturing Day at Precipart

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On National Manufacturing Day, 16 Glen Cove High School students from the Honors Introduction to Mechatronics class and three other interested students attended a field trip to visit Precipart Corp.’s manufacturing facility on Oct. 5.  

Precipart is a global company that focuses on the manufacturing of precision mechanical parts such as gears. These precision parts can be as small as the tiny parts of a minute medical device that images the inside of the human body, or as strong as the deploying mechanism on the ejection seat of a fighter jet. As part of National Manufacturing Day, Glen Cove students joined students from Farmingdale State College to tour the various buildings of the corporation.  
The day began with a presentation by Precipart CEO John Walter, who discussed, among other things, the job prospects for engineers and machinists, including the positions available at Precipart. Students were asked to wear safety goggles as they visited every aspect of the facility from administration to manufacturing to assembly and finally to shipping. Students were impressed with the behind-the-scenes access to the entire manufacturing process. Parts were being machined in real time in front of their eyes, and they had the chance to ask questions of the different supervisors on the manufacturing floor. 
Students were particularly excited to hear that one of the young men who was working with a robotic arm had been recruited by Precipart when he toured during National Manufacturing Day through his high school program. This young man also mentioned that he was currently taking mechatronics classes at Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology. Students immediately felt a connection with him due to the fact that they are also currently enrolled in a mechatronics class.  
In attendance on National Manufacturing Day in addition to students were Coordinator of Science Alexa Doeschner, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna and mechatronics teacher Brian Smith. This trip was facilitated by Board trustee Mr. Robert Field, who works for Precipart Corp. At the end of the tour, Mr. Field graciously extended an open invitation to the students of Glen Cove High School to attend National Manufacturing Day each year.