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Students Mark City’s Anniversary With Time Capsule

Students Mark City’s Anniversary With Time Capsule photo thumbnail97333

Connolly and Landing students in grades 3-5 watched closely as a 50-year time capsule was buried at Connolly School on June 15.

The students created a variety of projects to be placed in the time capsule, which coordinated with the City of Glen Cove’s 350-year celebration. Students in grade 3 conducted a survey about being a third-grader in Glen Cove, while fourth-graders generated questions about why they love Glen Cove and what it was like to be a fourth-grader. They then interviewed each other for the historical milestone. Students in fifth grade wrote a quote about something they love about Glen Cove, what they wish for and included meaningful photos. 

Connolly Principal Julie Mullan, Landing Principal Ben Roberts and City of Glen Cove Mayor Timothy Tenke buried the capsule near the new Connolly playground. It will be marked with a plaque so that it will be easily located in the future.