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Gribbin Second-Graders Tour Glen Cove

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Second-grade classes from Gribbin School took a tour of Glen Cove, visiting Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello at City Hall and the Glen Cove Police Station.

As the bus went around the city, teachers acted as “tour guides," providing the children with the history of Glen Cove. Other stops on the tour included Glen Cove Mansion, The Robert Coles Homestead, Morgan Park, Garvies Point Museum, fire station, library and the post office.

During the City Hall visit, Mayor Spinello spoke to the children about his job and gave a tour of the building. At the police station, Officer Ted Karousos spoke to the students and showed them around the department.

Some of the history shared with the second-graders was that Glen Cove was originally called Musketa Cove. The name was adopted and changed to Glen Cove in 1834. The first settled street in Glen Cove is "The Place" and is still here to date. Glen Cove has more than 10 miles of waterfront including, three public beaches, two nature preserves, a public golf course and a public park.