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Board Honors Student Scholars and a Hero

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At the Jan. 11 Board of Education meeting, the district’s Board and members of administration recognized Glen Cove High School’s 2014-15 Advanced Placement Scholars, as well as a substitute teacher who assisted a choking student.    
Glen Cove High School Principal Antonio Santana and Assistant Principal Allen Hudson were on hand to honor the scholars, comprised of 39 current students as well as Class of 2015 graduates.
“This is an amazing accomplishment,” Santana said. “Technically, the College Board recommends that students take only a handful of AP courses throughout their high school careers. These students have shown an adherence to such rigor and have challenged themselves to take multiple exams.”
Superintendent Maria Rianna also honored substitute teacher Samantha Basile at the meeting. Basile recently witnessed freshman Chris Zachary choking on a pretzel during class and performed the Heimlich maneuver to open his airway.
“We thank you for going above and beyond and for helping our children stay safe,” Rianna said to Basile.