As the Glen Cove City School District is easing into the new academic year, many teachers are choosing to host as many classroom activities outdoors as possible to aid in following social distancing rules and minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. 
However, this is not a new thing for Ms. Romano’s science class at Glen Cove High School. Each year she enjoys taking her students outside during autumn so they can observe the beautiful fall foliage together while simultaneously using nature as an educational tool. 
Ms. Romano’s class has been learning in depth about making observations and decided to take a mini field trip outside to gather some leaves, rocks, and soil. The students were extremely engaged during this activity and brought back many specimens that they further analyzed in class. Students used a magnifying glass to look more closely at the leaves, rocks, and soil. The students then sketched what they observed and wrote down their observations. 
This activity served as a great assessment tool for this unit and the students enjoyed getting out of the classroom while taking away a valuable learning experience where they were able to apply what they learned to real life.