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Fifth grade visits Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center

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As part of the Glen Cove social studies department and the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center (HMTC) of Nassau County’s civic education program, the fifth grade students from Connolly and Landing Elementary recently took their annual trip to the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center museum. While visiting, students received a guided instructional tour and testimony from Felice Katz whose mother, Ethel Bauer Katz was a Holocaust survivor.

Felice shared the harrowing accounts of her mother’s survival and the heartbreaking loss of her family, friends and members of her community during World War II in Buczacz, Poland, which is now a part of Ukraine.

The center provided information to all teachers and building principals that supported a brief overview of the Holocaust along with a glossary of words to help the students prepare for the trip.

The social studies department and the HMTC civic education program was established to promote and empower students to become upstanders and understand that their actions and decisions should be based on morals and values that will encourage and support openness and diversity. Kudos to the teachers, principals and the HMTC for helping to educate and enlighten students on tolerance, diversity and openness.