Leadership Program for Finley’s Youth and Government Students

Leadership Program for Finley’s Youth and Government Students  thumbnail135585

The 2019-2020 Finley Middle School Youth and Government program, led by Mrs. Jacklyn Burnett and Mrs. Tracy Roberts, received a full-day workshop by Drew Caldwell, director of youth development, Alliance of New York State YMCAs. Students worked with each other on future legislation and to understand their roles and responsibilities within the nationwide civic engagement and leadership program.

In November, Finley’s Youth and Government program will be attending a three-day experiential learning conference in which students participate directly in a simulation of New York State’s democratic process. Students act as senators and assembly members, writing, debating and voting on legislation that affects them. Students will also learn and model parliamentary procedures.

Special thanks to Mrs. Burnett and Mrs. Roberts for their hard work and dedication to the Youth and Government program, and to Mr. Caldwell, Assemblyman Charles Lavine and Superintendent Dr. Maria Rianna for working with the students in understanding their role in the community.