Connolly Fifth Grader Wins Scholastic Award

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Kyle Demosthene, a fifth grade student in Mr. Monteleone’s class at Connolly School, was recognized for his writing by Scholastic. 

The class was tasked with writing a letter from the point of view of a WWI soldier, based on the true story of the 77th Infantry Division, which was surrounded by German soldiers in France in October 1918. They used a homing pigeon named Cher Ami (“dear friend” in French) to deliver the message that they were trapped and were being bombarded by friendly fire. The pigeon was wounded by German snipers, but managed to deliver the message, saving nearly 200 lives. 

“By appealing to the five senses, you created fantastic imagery for the reader,” the editor-in-chief of Scholastic wrote in a letter to Kyle. “Additionally, we enjoyed the suspenseful tone you included, as well as your strong opening that immediately caught the reader’s attention. Excellent work!”