Landing Students Showcase Their Study of Brazil

Landing Students Showcase Their Study of Brazil photo thumbnail119045

Landing Elementary School third graders recently participated in the Communities Around the World Project. The students learned about Brazilian culture and the political, social and economic components that define Brazil, and were tasked with creating posters and carnival masks to showcase their learning.

The children read two articles from the National Geographic Ladders Social Studies series “Welcome to Brazil.” They worked collaboratively in their reading groups to stop and jot notes from “Into the Rain Forest” by David Holford and “Let’s Go to Carnival” by Hugh Westrup. Using the information they learned, they then constructed posters that included important facts, animals, celebrations, traditions and landmarks significant to Brazilian culture. They also designed carnival masks that were inspired by their learning. Finally, the children shared their projects with each other and watched a video about carnival celebrations around the world.  Students were able to compare and contrast the different celebrations and make a common connection to communities around the world. They learned that we may all come from different backgrounds and cultures, but we are all part of the same human race.

Thank you to all our third grade teachers, Mrs. Tenke and Ms. Oliveira, ICT teachers Ms. Conte and Mrs. Cornelis, and teaching assistants Ms. Gomez and Mrs. Glaviano, who prepared and planned this project, and the third grade students who participated in this activity.