Cultures Celebrated at International Night

Cultures Celebrated at International Night  thumbnail118661

Glen Cove High School hosted International Night on April 15. The theme was Travel Through the World, and families were welcomed by students dressed as flight attendants who issued them a passport.

Upon entering the gymnasium, visitors were invited to explore students’ posterboard projects representing different countries and locations. The boards included information about the region’s population, languages spoken, currency, music, art, legends, famous sites, biomes and more. As the visitors walked further, they were met by student-volunteers who had prepared games, riddles, a photo booth and a group Kahoot! game session. Additionally, senior Olivia Martino created henna drawings at the event. 

Several community-based organizations also attended, providing information about the services and resources they provide. This year, New York Institute of Technology’s STEP program participated as well, with activities including a makerspace based on Earth Day projects, Wobble Bots, making of seed pods to take home, the science behind bath bombs, beach cleanup and a blood pressure station for adults.

Finally, the families were treated to an international food tasting while listening to music by DJ Simeon. Junior Ylka Valdez shared a passionate speech about immigration in Spanish and English, part of a solutions project for the NYIT STEP program. The evening concluded with a Dance Club performance.

It was a great event that was enjoyed by all of our attendees. Students came together to celebrate their diversity and proudly shared their projects about the different countries and regions represented in the school.