Book Tasting at Gribbin

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Wearing chef’s aprons and hats, Gribbin School second graders in Coleen Brunhuber and Jennifer Hajok’s class presented their opinion-letter writing to parents and classmates at the class’ Readers Café on April 17.

In preparation for the oral presentations, the students took part in a “book tasting,” reading a variety of books independently. They then selected their favorite book and wrote a letter to explain why others should read it, too. One by one, each student read their letter, which included illustrations of their favorite part of the book. In addition to writing a letter, students created “menus” for their favorite book which included the book’s genre, a description of the cover and what they liked or disliked about the book. After the presentations, the class enjoyed a snack with parents and family members in attendance. 

Ms. Brunhuber, Ms. Hajok and teacher assistant Deanna Perez assisted students as they presented their letters. They commended the class on their projects and all of the hard work they did to complete them.