Teachers Expose Students to History in a New Way

Teachers Expose Students to History in a New Way 1 thumbnail118308

R.M. Finley Middle School eighth grade students participated in the WWII and Holocaust Artifacts program from April 15-18, hosted by Ms. Helen Turner, director of Youth Education of the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County.

The program was created by eighth grade social studies teachers Mrs. Rebecca Carfora, Mr. Michael Chiclacos, Mrs. Meredith Murolo and Mrs. Danielle Treder, along with the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center. It was designed to have students collaborate with each other to analyze artifacts that survived from this time period. They also viewed clips of historical films, experienced a guided museum tour and heard testimonies from Holocaust survivors Rosette Goldstein and Werner Reich and second generation survivor Evelyn Altenberg. The group spoke about their individual and family members’ life experiences with students.

Special thanks to Ms. Helen Turner, Principal Nelson Iocolano, Assistant Principals Lawrence Carroll and Thomas Pye, and the eighth grade teachers who supported and assisted with the preparation and planning of this grade-level field trip.