Math Honor Society Commemorates Pi Day

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The Glen Cove High School Math Honor Society hosted Pi Day activities on March 14. The Greek letter Pi represents the numerical value of Pi, which rounds to approximately 3.14. 

Members of the Math Honor Society visited Finley Middle School with their adviser, Mrs. Caesar-Quaye, and Mrs. Shannon, math coordinator. Students from Ms. Abrams’ and Mr. Ingegno’s classes were able to learn about Pi and how it is derived and solved math problems that involved Pi. Middle School students also participated in a contest to see who could memorize the most digits of Pi. Eighth grader Luis Perez was the winner. His prize was a gift certificate for a free pizza pie, generously donated by Delicious Pizzeria in Glen Cove. 

To conclude the day’s events, the Math Honor Society held a pie sale and raffle at the High School. Pies and gift cards were generously donated by Cardinali Bakery, Heritage Bakery, King Kullen, La Parma restaurant, North Shore Farms, St. Rocco’s Bakery and Stop and Shop. Glen Cove High School teacher Mrs. Corrigan also donated a variety of pies to the bake school.