‘Impractical Joker’ Surprises Horror and Suspense Students

‘Impractical Joker’ Surprises Horror and Suspense Students photo thumbnail117887

It seemed like an ordinary Monday for Glen Cove High School students in Jason Bieder’s Horror and Suspense class – that was until James “Murr” Murray from the primetime comedy series “Impractical Jokers” walked into their classroom. Students were in disbelief as Murray entered and asked, “Do you know who I am?” Then the laughter began.

The class just finished reading Murray’s book “Awakened.” Brandon Aviles, a former Glen Cove graduate, donated 100 books to the school after Brandon met Murray at an event and he agreed to make a surprise visit to the high school if the students read his book. During the visit, students enjoyed listening to Murray read an excerpt from his next book, “The Brink: An Awakened Novel.” Murray also reviewed the students’ book reports on “Awakened.” The class enjoyed pizza and drinks thanks to Murray and Aviles. They were absolutely thrilled to meet Murray!