Reading Club Fun at Landing

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This year, third-graders in Mrs. Christine Barsic’s and Mrs. Nicole Mazza’s classes at Landing School have joined together for reading book clubs. The activity, which takes place twice a week, allows children to truly enjoy reading with partners. They also discuss the traits of characters, main ideas and themes found in their chosen books. Additionally, when their reading is finished, they choose a culminating project based on the book they have read.  

Students Layla Palazzo’s and Gianella Salinas’ reading came to life after they chose to write a letter to author Stephen Krensky about the book, “History of Fun Stuff: The Deep Dish on Pizza!” To their surprise, Mr. Krensky wrote a letter back to them. The girls were so excited to hear from the author, it truly made their reading come to life. His letter also served as inspiration for other groups to write letters to the authors of their chosen books.