Seeing Our Sun Through a Solar Telescope

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Fifth-grade students at Connolly and Landing schools participated in Vanderbilt Museum’s Exploring the Universe: Traveling Astronomy Outreach Program. 

Facilitated by science educator Roger Ledgister, students took part in a lesson within their own classroom to learn more about the sun from a real astronomer. According to the New York State Science Learning Standards, students in fifth grade are expected to study the solar system and the sun. To align to these standards, science curriculum was written this past summer by fifth-grade teachers Ms. Cheryl Carmody, Ms. Denise Reynolds and Ms. Susan Stanco, and in consultation with science coordinator Alexa Doeschner. 

Through this Vanderbilt program, students were able to widen their knowledge about our own medium-sized star, the sun, and had the chance to see details on the sun’s surface through a solar telescope. Some of the details the students had the chance to see included granulations and a sun prominence coming off from its side. Fifth-grade teachers Mr. Glaviano, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Harechmak, Ms. Hazen, Ms. Hellman, Ms. Liptzin, Mr. Monteleone, Ms. Pawloski, Ms. Reynolds and Ms. Stanco graciously accommodated Mr. Ledgister in their classroom, and accompanied students outside as both students and teachers got a chance to peek at the surface of the sun.