Gribbin Second-Graders Use Typing Skills for Research Project

Gribbin Second-Graders Use Typing Skills for Research Project photo  thumbnail105051
Gribbin second-graders in Cynthia VanOmmeren's class transferred the typing skills they learned using Google Typing Club with STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, art and mathematics) teacher Giselle Taylor to type their Ecosystem reports using Adobe Spark Video in research class.

The reports are the culmination to the Diversity of Life Research Unit that students have been studying. This interdisciplinary unit was created during the elementary science curriculum writing project this past summer. In this unit, students have been researching various communities around the world using nonfiction books and developmentally-appropriate online databases, while their classroom teachers have been facilitating the unit by teaching specific science and social studies lessons to help students have a deeper understanding of concepts learned through their research. 

Students were taught how to take notes using various forms of note taking (bullets, webs and lists). The students then created paragraphs through interactive writing with their teachers. These paragraphs will be used to create Adobe Spark Videos. Students will share these videos with their classmates and teachers to teach them about various ecosystems.