Hour of Code Expands Student Learning at Gribbin

Hour of Code Expands Student Learning at Gribbin thumbnail104732

First-graders at Gribbin School learned drag-and-drop block coding with STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, arts and math) teacher Jessica McKenna as part of the district’s participation in the Hour of Code, a worldwide effort that celebrates computer science.

The lesson began with students watching a short video that explained the Hour of Code. It continued with a class discussion on why machines need to be programmed. Mrs. McKenna reviewed internet safety rules with students before they picked a partner to create their own Flappy Bird game. The class was directed to a QR code and students used their iPads to access their class’ Seesaw account, which contained the instructions. Students had a great time coding, dragging and dropping blocks to create different sounds and movements for their Flappy Bird games.

Mrs. McKenna shared that the students learning to drag and drop block code is new to the first-graders, who used arrows to code last year. The drag-and-drop block coding requires students to read their desired selections.