Art Brings Students Together at High School

Art Brings Students Together at High School photo thumbnail104568

Second-graders from Gribbin and high school ceramic art students worked together to create pinch pot creatures during a special meeting at Glen Cove High School on Nov. 28.

The collaborative lesson began with the second-graders brainstorming and drawing their ideas for a unique pinch pot creature. The high school students and art teachers Vicki Gordon and Lee Ann Palazzo provided instruction and guidance to the second-graders as they worked with clay to begin their creation. The youngsters learned to shape the clay, to remove the bubbles and patted it into a ball before placing their thumbs in the center to create a mouth. The students then created eyes, arms and other features for their creatures.

Ms. Gordon will place the second-graders’ projects into her kiln and return them to Ms. Palazzo so students can paint and decorate them in upcoming art classes. The teachers organized the class activity so the high school students could impart their knowledge of working with 3D artistry. The children had a wonderful time working with the older students.