Community Comes Together for Homecoming

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The community came out in droves to participate in Glen Cove High School’s annual homecoming celebration on Oct. 20. Schools were represented by colorful and creative floats as students, administrators and community members marched down Walnut Street in the homecoming parade. The marching band kept everyone in step and spectators cheered as they watched Glen Cove students showcase their Big Red pride.

The halftime show had remarkable routines by the drumline, junior varsity cheerleaders and varsity cheerleaders, who were followed by a dazzling performance by the marching band and kickline team. Congratulations to homecoming queen Arlene Cajavilca and king Jesse Mayreis.
Glen Cove worked hard and had an exceptional performance as they took on the Floral Park Memorial High School Knights. Unfortunately, they came up short and were defeated, 27-22. However, there were many outstanding plays made by Big Red.