District Students Begin the New Year

District Students Begin the New Year photo thumbnail98335

Glen Cove educators welcomed new and returning students to school for another academic year filled with unique learning opportunities on Sept. 4.

Excitement was in the air throughout the district, including at Deasy School, where students in grades K-2 listened closely as teachers read stories aloud. Kindergarteners in Michelle Mardiney’s bilingual class practiced writing their names and colored pictures to celebrate the first day of school, while first-graders in Jen Cleary’s class enjoyed “free choice time” as part of their new routine. The first-grade students built structures from blocks, played games and created hand-drawn pictures.   

Meanwhile, at Gribbin School, second-graders in Coleen Brunhuber and Jennifer Hajok’s class enjoyed participating in writing assignments that focused on how they were feeling during the first day of school. Students were asked to select three emojis and then describe how what they chose reflected their feelings. Kindergarteners in Arianna Bekios’ class took part in circle time and shared what they did over the summer months, while Irene Kamola’s students created pictures of what they like to do together with other people. Ms. Kamola’s theme for the day was “being together” to celebrate the class’ first day as a group. Teachers read stories aloud to students throughout the building.

It was a wonderful day for all students as they got to know friends, teachers and their new daily routines.