Glen Cove Class of 2018 Begins Bright Future

Glen Cove Class of 2018 Begins Bright Future photo thumbnail97453

Glen Cove High School’s Class of 2018 knew that graduation would be worth the wait. Delayed from Saturday to Sunday, the graduation ceremony on June 24 was held under crisp blue skies, with the bold sun reflecting the bright future waiting for the newest Glen Cove Knights alumni.

The graduates marched onto J.C. Maiden Field as the high school band played the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance” and friends and family applauded and cheered. Following performances by the concert choir, honored speakers shared words of wisdom and reflections on the Class of 2018.

Superintendent Dr. Maria L. Rianna and high school Principal Antonio Santana shared their pride in the class, wishing them luck in their future endeavors and applauding their successes while at Glen Cove High School.

Board of Education President Amy Franklin, whose daughter is a member of the Class of 2018, told the graduates not to be scared of the future. “Just don’t ever give up,” she said. “You’ll be fine. Just remember Glen Cove will forever be your home, a place where you can always come to find support and guidance.”

Valedictorian John Dong acknowledged the support of family and teachers in helping the class succeed. “To the parents and families that have stood with us and behind us, no matter the obstacle or cost, thank you.” Dong asked his own parents to rise from their seats in the stands so he could publicly thank them for all they have done for him.

In his address to his fellow graduates, salutatorian Brandon Kolanovic reminded his peers that they are now adults. “In front of us is a new chapter, whether it be attending college, working or just soaking up some free time – the responsibility to dictate the future is in our hands.”

Reflections from class president Talia Sakhaee and honorarian Isabel Blas included memories of hard work, friendship and fun. As is tradition, the graduates chose a faculty member to speak at the graduation ceremony. After completing his first year at Glen Cove High School, Ryan Pearsall stood at the podium honored that the students had accepted him, respected him and invited him to be part of their special day.

The Class of 2018 marched off the field, leaving the high school as a group for the last time, but they left an indelible mark.