Carnival Fun at Connolly

Carnival Fun at Connolly photo thumbnail97306

Connolly School students enjoyed a variety of outdoor activities, games and delicious snacks when the PTA hosted a carnival on June 15.

The PTA, led by Co-presidents Jaryme Demostheni and Deneen Jackson, planned the annual carnival for the entire student body. The group purchases games, small toys to use a prizes and outdoor equipment, such as frisbees, checkers and hoppity hops, which ultimately were donated to the physical education department for student use. They also secure vendors such as Mister Softee, to bring the students carnival-like treats. Jackson said the PTA fundraises for the carnival all year. 

“We do it because the children love it,” Jackson said. It gives them a day outdoors to really enjoy themselves.” 

Mrs. Mullen expressed her great appreciation for the PTA and everything they do for the students throughout the school year, especially the carnival, which she described as “a truly wonderful event.”