Introduction to Research Class Presents Final Projects

Introduction to Research Class Presents Final Projects photo thumbnail97090
Introduction to Research sixth-graders at Finley Middle School recently completed final projects as part of the course curriculum. Students selected their own subject of research and ultimately explored topics such as the history of rap music, school shootings and gun control, and North Korea and its nuclear weaponry.

The students began their projects in January and worked extensively on them all year. Sixth-graders usually present their projects in Google Slides or exhibit panel form, but teacher Maggi Ibrahim offered students the option of doing something more advanced that might mimic the format of the eighth-grade research project. The older students have the option of completing an exhibit, paper, performance, website or documentary.
Sixth-grader Lila Santamaria took on the more advanced option of documentary and focused on the topic of anorexia nervosa. Lila was very interested in making students aware of the possible signs and symptoms of the emotional disorder. 

When asked why she chose this specific topic, Lila said, “If people know about how the media makes people feel about their bodies, they might be more aware of its dangers. Anorexia affects a lot of young people, both men and women, and I want to help people and spread awareness.” 

“I am so proud of her,” Ms. Ibrahim said of Lila. “She is so talented and did a wonderful job.”

Ms. Ibrahim expressed her pride in all of the students’ work, commending them for their dedication and thorough research.  

To view Lila’s video, please click on the following link,