Fitness and Technology at Finley

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Sixth- and seventh-grade students at Finley Middle School are using Chromebooks in physical education classes as part of a new initiative led by teachers Matt Carbone, Steven Tripp and Angela Zupa.

The teachers, at the direction of Principal Nelson Iocolano, developed an eight-minute fitness video for students to complete at home. The workout routine was comprised of various exercises, including crunches, push-ups, wall sits and running in place. They would then enter what they completed onto a Google Sheet created by their teachers. During the same eight-week period, teachers would begin each physical education class with the same routine to monitor the students’ progress and to provide them with an additional opportunity to record their results.

“We really want our students to realize that fitness and exercise is not an every other day activity. It’s something they should do every day,” Mr. Tripp said. 

Mr. Carbone said using the Chromebooks to enhance physical education class was a no-brainer.  

“Anytime the students can implement technology in class it’s a win because the students love it,” he said.

The teachers are looking towards creating an assignment for students to take part in over the summer months as a way to encourage daily health and fitness.