Second-Graders Investigate Plant Life

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Coinciding with the spring season, second-grade students at Deasy and Gribbin have been learning about plants through their Plant Investigations Unit. 

Based on feedback from Deasy Principal Ms. Melanie Arfman and Gribbin Principal Ms. Francine Santoro, the unit was written by the District Coordinator of Science Alexa Doeschner to be closely aligned with the newly adopted New York State Science Learning Standards. The focus of the unit provides students with observable and thought-provoking plant phenomena to actively engage in what is happening and why it is happening. The plant phenomena that students are exploring hands-on includes the difference between monocotyledon and dicotyledon seeds, the role of stems to bring nutrients and water upwards and the ability of roots to sense direction. 

Through these investigations, students are gaining an understanding of the structure and function of different plant parts. The students’ culminating project is to grow a “grass head” where they will have the opportunity to predict what will happen based on their learning about the various structures and functions of plants.