Students Break Physical Fitness Records

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Twice a year since 1994, the students at Landing School have had their physical fitness levels tested. This year, two physical fitness records were broken. Third grader Marco McMillan broke the P.A.C.E.R. record with 71 laps; breaking the previous record of 66 (2017-2018) held simultaneously, by Bryan Guerra and Cameron Alan. In his first FitnessGram test Marco completed 51 push-ups, 50 curl-ups, and 34 inches flexibility exceeding the standard scores for his age group. Fifth grader Gwyneth Perez, broke the girls flexibility record of 50 centimeters held since 2009 by Victoria Tripp. Gwyneth scored an amazing 51 centimeters and her score had to be added to the flexibility tester to accommodate her record, as the machine only goes to 50 cm.

Kudos to the previous record holders for setting such high standards and congratulations to the new record holders Marco and Gwyneth!